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Ancient Grains Have Grown in Popularity by 35%, and will continue to be trendy throughout 2021.

To capitalize on this growing trend, sign up for a free sample of our BP 50/50 Ancient Grains Bread Base

What Makes Our Clean Label and Non-GMO BP 50-50 Ancient Grain Bread Base Better?

Perfect Blend of New and Old World Ancient Grains and Seeds

Made with Tuscan Sourdough That Imparts Premium Flavor and Rustic Crumb Color

Handles the Rigors of Any Automated Bread Line While Maintaining Extended Freshness

Consolidates Ingredients With Convenient 50/50 Usage Rate  

BreadPartners can position your business to satisfy the marketplace’s appetite for…..

  •  Clear and Understandable Ingredients
  •  Health Conscious Breads That Are Visually Appealing
  •  Products Robust in Flavor, Texture, and Natural Sweetness
  •  High Value in Pricing, Health, and Taste

If you are looking to offer the next level of variety and freshness, we can help you meet this popular demand.  At BreadPartners, our BP 50/50 Ancient Grain Bread Base is an ideal baking solution for in-store, retail, or wholesale bakeries.

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